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Stud Service Agreement

NAME OF STUD ___________________________________

REG. #____________________________

BREED ___________________________________

COLOR ___________________________________

NAME OF FEMALE _________________________________

REG. # ____________________________

BREED ___________________________________

COLOR ___________________________________

FEMALE'S OWNER ________________________________

PHONE# ___________________________

ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________________

Owner of the above named female agrees to pay a service fee of $____________ or ____one (pick of the litter) puppy resulting from the mating of the above female to the above male.

If the stud owner opts for a monetary fee, said fee is due at pick-up after a successful breeding of the female.

If the stud owner opts for pick puppy a $100.00 handling fee is due at time of breeding.

Owner of the female agrees to provide proof of health, stating that the female is current on all immunizations and free of transmittable diseases and parasites.

Owner of the female acknowledges that female can still breed during her cycle even after being exposed to the above stated stud and it is their responsibility to prevent breeds to outside males while she is in their care.

Breeder agrees not to expose said female to any other males capable of breeding.

Owner of the stud will provide a copy of the stud's pedigree and a signed litter application upon inspection of the puppies between 4 and 6 weeks of age.

Owner of the female agrees that all puppies resulting from the mating of the above male and female must be sold with AKC Limited or full Registration.

Breeder guarantees the above said female will be bred to the above said stud and shall give one return breed of the above named female and male should this breed result in no puppies.

Owner of the female agrees they shall be liable for any damages resulting from their female during the time female is in the care of Breeder. (Fencing etc...)

Owner of the female agrees Breeder will not be liable for accident, injury, or death resulting from an act of nature. (Heat stroke, etc.)

Breeder will make every effort to assure female receives the best of care during her stay.

I, __________________________ Agree I have read and completely understand this contract in its entirety. I will not rely on any verbal agreements made by the Breeder.

I understand I may call the Breeder for any type of questions I may need answers for during time of gestation and whelping of puppies.

Should I not honor my pick puppy contract. I understand and agree I shall owe the Breeder the amount of $ 1,500.00 for stud service. If I do not make said payment, Breeder shall receive a full judgment against me.

All Breeding Fees shall be paid at time of pick-up female, and after a successful breeding has occurred between said female to said male.

Female Owner:___________________________________ Date:________

Stud Owner:_____________________________________ Date:________

For more information contact Denise or Justin at