Northstar's Tibetan Mastiffs LLC

About Us
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Our kennel is husband (Brian), and wife (Denise) owned, and we are the care givers of our beautiful Tibetan Mastiff's. Denise has lots of experience working as a vet tech for many years, she has gained lots of valuable knowlege in treating and caring for all of her dogs, the dogs are given excellent care with regular check-ups and are kept up-to-date on all vaccinations and testing. We live in Beautiful Sterling Township, Wisconsin on 12 acres, which provides lots or room and fresh air for everyone. We have been raising our AKC Tibetan Mastiff Dogs since 2006. Our dogs are show quality and have champion blood lines or are champion sired. We feel privileged and blessed to be able to share our lives with this outstanding breed, The Tibetan Mastiff.

Our Business Philosophy
A good breeder cares about the breed(s) of their choice, by learning as much about their dogs, the dogs ancestry line (pedigree), genotype (genetic) and phenotype (structure). It is important to breed quality proven lines with quality lines; to know as much as possible about the Sire and Dam, and all of their ancestors. Remember that the father and mother, no matter how healthy, still carry the genetic traits of their ancestors. As a breeder, I can advise you about my dogs. I, however, cannot guarantee you that you will not incur future problems. I can only try to breed the best possible dog after thorough studying, and observation. A word of caution about the Tibetan Mastiff (TM). The TM has a limited gene pool. That is why it is very important for the breeder to be knowledgeable about their dog’s ancestry lines. Tibetan Mastiff's while being fairly new to AKC, and the United Stated have fewer health issues, but are not without hereditary concerns. As a concerned breeder I take great interest in making sure our puppies are placed with resposible, caring, and loving owner/families. My husband and I want to know you better, if you are interested in one of our dogs, please take a moment to fill out the puppy questionnaire. Adding a Tibetan Mastiff to your family is a serious commitment. Take time to learn/research about the breed of your choice. Choosing wisely can be rewarding

The dogs have ten beautiful acres to roam and play on. We are also surrounded by 120 of un-occupied wooded land. All of our animals our part of our family, they are given lots of love, and attention daily, they are our passion and joy, besides our children and grandchildren, of course :) They all have access to our house throughout the day, and have a couple acres of fenced in yard for them to be out in the fresh air. All of our whelping females give birth in our house, the mother's stay with their puppies, and the puppies our raised in the house until they are eight weeks old.